Our Objective

Our objective is to carry out activities which benefit communities and in particular, without limitation, to empower members of the community within the UK to take control and improve their own health and wellbeing.

Our Status

We are a non-profit making CIC - Community Interest Company. 

What is a CIC (Community Interest Company)?

A CIC is a company designed in particular for social enterprises who wish to use their profits and assets for the good of the community. A CIC can only be registered with the consent of the CIC Regulator who has to be satisfied that the company is for the good of the community. 

Our Aims

We want everyone to be able to access health and wellbeing services. We want to make the services accessible, beneficial, and affordable to all.


Each project we fund we will establish the need, establish the benefit, and evaluate the outcomes. 


Currently, there are many health and wellbeing services only available privately, or scarce, which many people are either not aware of, not aware of their benefits, or cannot afford to take advantage of. Examples:


  •  Complementary healthcare such as massage, shiatsu, mindfulness, reflexology, acupuncture.

  •  Exercise classes such as tai chi, qi gong, yoga, pilates. 

  •  Relaxation classes such as meditation, breathing, laughter therapy. 

  •  Learning such as Forest Projects

In this day and age people are expected to work harder and for longer which increases stress levels and can affect health and wellbeing. Mental health is on the increase. The NHS is under so much strain. Our aim in providing these services is to show people that by making small changes they can take better control of their own health and wellbeing thus improving their health and relieving pressure on the NHS. We hope to show people that there are enjoyable and simple things they can do to improve their life.  Did you know that walking barefoot on grass for 10 minutes a day could help with serious illnesses? Read more here about grounding.



Conclusion - Massage and Storytelling Reduce Aggression and Improve Academic Performance in Children Attending Elementary School​

Interventions with massage and storytelling seemed to affect behavior and academic performance positively in 6–8-year-old children from an elementary public school of São Paulo, Brazil. These strategies should be explored as children’s education and health promotion approaches.


Results - The Effectiveness of Shiatsu: Findings from a Cross-European, Prospective Observational Study

86% of patients perceived that Shiatsu was effective in treating symptoms of stress and tension, problems with muscles and joints including back pain and posture, low energy and fatigue.  The study found receivers had a reduced dependence on medication.


Conclusions - Happier Healers: Randomized Controlled Trial of Mobile Mindfulness for Stress Management

These results highlight that a mobile audio-guided mindfulness meditation program is an effective means to decrease perceived stress in medical students, which may have implications on patient care. Integrating mindfulness training into medical school curricula for management of school- and work-related stress may lead to fewer negative physician outcomes (e.g., burnout, anxiety, and depression) and improved physician and patient outcomes. This has implications for a broad group of therapists and healthcare providers, ultimately improving quality of healing and patient care.


Nature / Open Space

Report - A review of nature-based interventions for mental health care


A study has been published by Natural England which reviews the benefits and outcomes of approaches to green care for mental ill-health. The reports shows that taking part in nature-based activities helps people who are suffering from mental ill-health and can contribute to a reduction in levels of anxiety, stress, and depression.


The benefits of yoga in children

Findings - The findings of this review reveal that the practice of yoga has brought about, among other things, improvement in managing and reducing stress and anxiety. Despite the limitations in most, if not all of the studies reviewed, in terms of heterogeneity and sample size, yoga appears to be an effective modality for helping children cope with stress and anxiety. It appears that if schools in Malaysia can incorporate yoga as part of the physical education curriculum, it will definitely benefit the students.

Empowering people to take control of their own health and wellbeing

Empowering people to take control of their own health and wellbeing

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